Anna and John

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Anna and John

John was sitting on the chair in the bedroom sipping a glass of wine while he was waiting for Ann to get off the phone.

Will what the hell I always said that I liked to try new things but just both of us jerking off will it should be different. But look at the bright side always wanted to watch a woman use a dildo on herself at least I guess that is what is going to happen at least I want haft to rent a video and she said she wanted to watch me also so what the fuck dam I hope that this is for real this would be really fucked if it was bullshit I never mate anyone from this site before oh well it's a little to late now looks like it's show time now.

Now Ann didn't have a well a really nice body fact is john lusted after a woman like her a sexy 45 year old very voluptuous body big full breast large pointy nipple and they looked very firm. Her ass was Plump not really but a little big. Her lips had no hair on them just a little patch over the clit and long legs Ann was very attractive woman and John after thanking it through had begin to think it might have been a good ideal

I watch as Ann hangs up the phone takes her wine and walks over to John sitting there in the chair. Like Ann, John had nothing on as she stood there in front of me. I watched as her chest moved with each breath she took she took a sip of wine and then she took her index finger and dips it in the glass then takes it out and moves it to her right nipple tracing it. I watch as her nipple started to get hard as she was playing with it. Then she repeated it to the other nipple. As I sat there my dick started to tingle and was rising and as I was watching her I copped her actions encircling each one of mine as she xnxxv sunny leone video had done hers (mmmhmmm this might not be so bad after all should start playing this out just a little bit more and if she wants to play then I should play) as I started to stiffen my hand moved down I watched her eyes following my hand as I grabbed myself she takes her finger and dipped it in the wine and moved it down (this time I followed her hand with my eyes)she places her finger right between her lips and moves it to her clit rubbing it then takes her finger to her mouth and I watch as Ann takes the tip of her finger and places it on her tongue licking it off (the action I just witnessed was so provocative and sexy I was hard before her finger was in her mouth) Her eyes were still on my cock and I don't think she stopped looking at it the hole time. The bed was just opposite the bed and I watched her sit down and laying back then one leg at a time moves them to the bed as she was doing this I watched as her legs opened and exposed herself to me she was open to my full view she looked so sexy so provocative laying there legs still open her hand moving back down fingers moving over her pussy teasing herself pulling her lips first one then the other, I could see her juices on her fingers from running them through her pussy her lips were wet and slick from her sex juice.

Can you hand me my from the night stand there as she turns her head and looks at the bed stand. As I stand my dick protrudes outward a proud 8 inches Ann's eyes was glued to it as I walk to the stand only a few feet my hand stayed raped around my cock strolling it as Ann watched as I let my cock go . Opening the drawer I see two different toys and a tube of some king of lube I reached down taking the lube out and reached a crossest Ann and set the lube on the bed then reaching back in I took out one of the dildo's she had it was one that had a little ball on the end and a bend in it about 6 inches long and again I reached a crossest her this time as I did the head of my cock brushed a crossest her nipple and a small drop of pre-Cum dribbled out and landed on her (I swear I think I heard a small moan escape her lips). I bent back up and started reaching for the other dildo I take it out and this one was a rubber and looked like a dick both had vibratos in them, and as I looked at her finger was rubbing her nipple were my Cum was spread and she was rubbing it in I reached a crossed her one last it place the dildo on the bed and as I did my cock rubbed her nipple again this her finger rubbed the head of my cock and she rubbed my cock for a brief moment.

Ahh shit what the fuck is happening here thought she said that it was only to masturbate I'm not going to complain that's for sure dam she is hot looking and maybe she would let me screw her but I don't know she did say that there would be NO touching either. I'll play this game a little longer and first chance I get try and put the move on her and see what happens. Yesssssss thata work just keep a close eye on her, shit she looks so good look at her fabulous tits and the nipples just makes me want to take one in my mouth and suck and nibble on it and that pussy all wet and glimmering in the light from her juices, to have my face between those legs right now shit I might not be able to control myself ok get your shit together John 

Ann takes the dildo's and lays them betweens her chest tacking the lube opening and squeezing a small amount in her h=other hand she lays the bottle down takes the rubber dildo she starts rubbing it on it looking at my cock as she stroking it I take my cock back in my hand and copy her strokes as she stroked it a few times she places it back on her chest and takes the other "Move your hand " Ann takes the bottle and opens it and then moves the bottle over my cock and squeezes a good real forced anal against her will amount on it starting at the base all the way to the head I held my hand under my cock and caught what ran off the side she lays the bottle down and then reaches back up and takes my hand and guiding it back over my cock and as she helps me wrap my hand back around my cock and helps me stroke my cock a few times making sure that our hand travels the hole length and as our hands reached the head I felt her fingers rubbing my cock head a gasp leaves my mouth as I felt it after she does that a few times she removes her hand 

"That should help John now enjoy I know I will"
God what a fucking tease was all I could think as I felt her hand on my cock like that I wonder if she knows what she was doing to me? YA she does know, she's good and knows it but so am I I'll get my chance you just wait all I know that this was way more erotic than I would have ever imaged

After Ann takes her hand away and moves it to her breast.

Mmmhmm yes my chance if she gets hot watching then she must like sound also hope I don't fuck up and I better be reading this right was all I could think 
I watch her hand on her breast "Yes take the small vibrator and turn it on" I watch her pick it up "Turn it on" Ann does as I ask she is looking at my cock the hole time and I'm slowly stroking it for her 

Ann was lying on the edge of the bed and I moved so I was standing at the edge of the bed my cock was almost touching her skin her head turned and was looking at me then traveled back to my cock as watched as I was stroking it and I watch as she licked her lips (I have her she is all mine now lets see if I can fuck with her like she did with me)

"Take the dildo and run it over your pussy for me" I watched as Ann moves it down running it along her skin till she reaches her gold and then runs it through her open lips then back up "yes tell me does the vibrations feel good on your pussy lips does It make your clit tingle" Yes I love the feel of it running over my cunt I love watching you stroke your cock like that it makes me so HOT and WET" 
"Take the other one and turn it on now I want to see you fuck yourself" 
Tacking the bigger one and turning it on Ann moves it to the opening of her pussy her lips were slick with her own juices they were swollen and opened up as the head entered her. 

"Mmmhmmm" then she pushed it in further about half in her and she pulled it out then pushed it back in fucking herself slowly and using the other vibrator on her clit
"Yes let me fuck myself for you John please it feels so good with it in me and watching you ahhhhh " I watched as her nipples grew harder and her chest was rising with each breath I new she had a small orgasm and right as she started I milked my cock and a small amount of pre-Cum oozed out of my cock and as it did I let it fall on her nipple I watched as Ann shivered somewhat as the Cum lands on her nipple and it seamed liked it melted over her her eyes never left my dick all I could here the buzzing of the vibratos and the sound from the dildo each time it dispersed in her but we didn't care we were in LUST the smell of sex was so thick you could cut it with a knife Ann's moaning was more evident with each thrust of her fake cock as she fucked herself my cock was hard the and my balls were filling with CUM 

"You like watching me jerking off like this don't you ... ...yyesss... ...I know you do I bet that this makes you fill like such a slut doesn't it. You like to here me talking dirty to you don't you slut... ...yes yes I'm your slut I love watching your as you jerk off make me your submissive slut and tell me everything "

I could here the sound coming from Ann's cunt she was so wet I could smell her scent as it filled my nostrils I could see the slickness on her dildo as she fucked herself and her clit was so big it was sticking out about " an inch as the other vibrator was running over it I was ready to explode any min. I herd her started moaning "fuck I'm CUMMING" the dildo was barred in her cunt I was jerking off faster as I watched and then my balls tighten up and I shot a huge load of CUM over her " Yes shoot it all over my tits John " I milked my cock till the last drop of CUM dripped out of my cock she let go of the dildo that was on her clit and started rubbing my CUM into her tits then with a CUM covered hand she took my cock and started stroking it my nerves were still tingling as she did it "yes john thank you made my very happy old lady next time I want to fuck you if you want" she then licked the tip of my cock and got up.