With by brothers in laws help

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With by brothers in laws help

100% fiction!

Hello My name is Nancy twenty six years old and this is my story I'm five ft four inches and weight one hundred twenty pounds and have a thirty eight DD bra size and just /love/love-sex/">love sex. I married right out of /college/">college where I studied for social service work and my now husband Dennis studied economics. My line of work was sparse around here but Dennis found a good paying job right away so it was no big deal that I didn't have a job.

My husband is a wonderful man kind and gentle and everyone thinks that he is such a great guy, and he is It's just that he is not home much because his job takes him out of town four to six weeks at a time . He is a Pharmaceutical Representative for a major company so it's necessary for him to be gone and represent them to gain new clients and more sales and he is very good at his job. I just wish he would spend more time with me attending to my needs and wants. I get that itch between my legs that can that I just can't scratch by myself.

All of my holes are available any time day or night. We have no children yet so my days alone at home are very long and lonely. I don't have any pets because of my allergies. I spend a lot of my day talking to my neighbor and /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend Janet she is a couple of years older than me but I feel she is more like a sister. A sister with a dirty mind , she has told me about her wild days in high school and in college and I find myself a little bit jealous of her ability to just let loose. One time when Dennis was away for another of his cross the country client tours. Janet asked me if I felt like getting wild for a change.

What on earth do you have in mind? Janet said doesn't Dennis have a couple of brothers ? Yes I said you mean Dave and Dan the /twins/">twins right? Don't they live around here ? Yes just the next town over they both work in construction and chase /women/">women and can't hang on to a steady /girlfriend/">girlfriend , they just love to play the field to much. I really haven't seen they since the wedding, all the better said Janet to get reacquainted and besides I could use some fun in my life too .

Janet's husband is a long haul trucker and like Dennis he is gone for long stretches at a time too so it was decided that I would call the twins and ask if they could help me build a deck in back. I thought I had better call Dennis and ask him if it would be OK if we built a deck so that he would not suspect that we ( Janet and me ) were really up to no good. Well he thought it was a great idea and go out and buy any size deck I wanted for the back yard. So I called several places for a cost quote just to be safe after I had a few I called my brothers in law to ask them if it would be possible for them to build the deck.

They were more than willing to help us out since they haven't even called us in years I layed a little guilt /trip/">trip in them just for good measure. I finally arranged for the lumber to be delivered in two weeks on a Friday , thus giving the twins a chance to clear some time to do the job. I offered for them to stay with me until the job was finished and they agreed. The lumber arrived early on that Friday and the guys arrived about three hours later. Dan and Dave got to work right away and had blowjob porn videos the post holed dug and set before nightfall and they would start again first thing in the morning. I made steaks for the guys with all the trimming and plenty of beer. After dinner I called Janet and asked her to come over and wear something sexy , she said I'm way ahead of you girl . Janet arrived a few minutes later and wiggled her ass just for them as she shook the hands and rubbed up against them I almost felt sorry for them.

They had no idea what we had in store for them. I pushed Dave onto the couch while Janet unzipped Dan's pants . I unbuttoned Dave's shirt and tugged at his belt he was more than willing to cooperate helping get his pants down to the floor his boxers came down just as fast. It was just as I had hoped for a big and /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock sprang right up to my mouth, so I grabbed it and aimed it at my mouth when I heard Janet gasp and say HOLY SHIT THAT'S A /cock/big-cock/">big cock I smiled to myself knowing that by the nights end I would have both of these cocks in my holes.

I sucked Dave's cock until it was nice and wet with spit then mounted his cock and slammed it deep in my pussy. I rode him hard and rolled my hips taking it as deep as it would go. Janet was on her hands and knees while Dan was driving her balls deep with every stroke the look on her face told me that she was having the time of her life. After they dumped their loads in our pussies we took a short break to catch our breath . My mind was spinning drunk on cock hoping that this night would never end. We sat there glowing in the aftermath of just what happened, a smile on my face could not be removed with a chisel. Janet asked Dan if he would come to her house and spend the night maybe pick up where they left off . I was a little disappointed that she wanted to take Dan away before I had the chance to fuck his brains out.

The next morning I woke Dave to a blow job that he said was by far the best he ever had. I called Janet to ask when she was bringing Dan home to help Dave finish the deck. Both of them arrived about fifteen minutes later . We told the guys that they were going to be fucked senseless after the deck was done. By sunset that day the guys had finished the deck to my satisfaction so I took a picture of it and sent it to Dennis with the tech saying that his brothers had done a wonderful job in building the deck . He tech back saying that for me to thank his brothers for doing such a great milf porn videos job. I told Dennis that I would think of something.

I did get to fuck them both at the same time one on each end then in my ass and pussy for the next two days . They said they hated to go back to work but asked if they could come back on the weekend, I told them that Janet and I would love that . You can fuck us as much as you want. Now I don't even blink when my husband says that he will be gone for six weeks . Cause I know that his brothers will take good care of me.