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Hi, my name is Tim; I’m 35 years old I’m 6’4 245lbs I have blue eyes and brown hair. I am a body builder so I have a good tan body I have never been married but I have had a lot of girlfriends but none ever worked out. I live in a three bedroom apartment alone so one day I got the idea to get me a roommate so I placed a add in the local paper and waited. A few day’s later I was home cleaning the apartment when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and standing there was the sexiest woman I had ever saw. She was 5’10 120lbs she had green eyes, /blonde/">blonde hair and 36D breasts she also had a perfect tan. Staring for a minute I snapped back to /reality/">reality and asked if I could help her. She said hi then told wwwxxx me she was here to see about the room I have for rent.

I asked her in then I introduced myself to her then I asked for her name she told me it was Britney and then she told me that she was 28 years old. I showed her the room and she loved it the room is huge it as it’s own bathroom and walk-in closet. After I showed her the room we sat on the couch and talked about how much the rent will be. I asked her to tell me a little about herself. Britney told me that she works for a law firm and that she loves to sunbath and that she is a very clean person then to my shock she told me that when she is home she goes around naked due to that she hates closes. When she saw my face she asked me if that was going to be ok with me and I told her that I was ok with it. I told her that I did have one question for her and it was why she would rather live with a guy then live with a girl. Britney told me that she gets along better with guys as where girls like to have a lot of drama in there life and she does not like that. I told Britney that if she wanted the room it was hers and she looked so happy and then she asked if she could move in tomorrow and I said sure sounds great. I asked Britney if she would like to stay the night so she could get use to the place she agreed so I slept on the couch and I let her have my bed.

The next day she moved her stuff in and as she was unpacking she asked me if I had a /girlfriend/">girlfriend and what I did for a living. I told her that I had no girlfriend and that I was a firefighter for the city then I ask her if she had a boyfriend. Britney told me she had no boyfriend because her job takes a lot of her time and guys don’t like that. I wanted to do something special for her since this was her first night moved in so I went to the store to get something for dinner. When I returned home and got to the door I realized the door was locked and I knew I had not locked it so I got my key out and unlocked the door and went in. I put the grocies in the kitchen and then went to tell her I was back when I walked into her room there she was still unpacking but now she was doing it naked. When she saw me she grabbed her sheet and covered up then she said she was sorry but she had to get out of her clothes. I told her that was fine and that she could go around anyway she wanted to it was her house too with that she dropped the sheet and went back to work unpacking. I stood there watching her unpack her room and all I could think about was how amazing she looked naked her pussy was shaved except for a little patch of hair right above her pussy and she had no tan lines anywhere that when I felt my dick getting hard and it was pushing against my pants.

I hurried to the kitchen to get dinner ready and as I was cooking Britney came in to tell me she was going to take a shower before dinner. Britney was in the shower for awhile and when she came out dinner was ready and the table was set. I had fixed us steaks with bake potatoes, fresh green beans, salad and rolls and I had got some wine we ate under candle light and I had got her a dozen roses. Britney came into the dinning room and could not believe what I had done for her as she teared up she thanked me and gave me a hug. I handed her the roses and showed her to her seat then I poured her a glass of wine. With tears falling she told me that no one had ever done anything even close to this for her. I told her that I was glad to do it then I served the meal to her as we ate we talk about things she liked and things I liked and to my /surprise/">surprise we had a lot in common. When we had got done with dinner I told Britney to go relax and I would clean up. I cleaned up then I went into the living room to relax Britney was already on the couch watching TV so I went in and started to set on the love seat when Britney grabbed me and asked me to set by her on the couch. I got up and went over to the couch and started to set down but then I decieced to take my shirt and pants off and watch TV in my boxers.

First I took my shirt off and I noticed that Britney stopped watching TV and was looking at me then I grabbed my pants and pulled them down but what I had not noticed was I also pulled my boxers down too. When my pants and boxers hit the floor I heard Britney gasp and say my god that’s when I noticed that I had pulled my boxers down and my 12 inch dick was showing. I pulled my boxers back up and sat down next to Britney, she didn’t say anything for about five minutes then she looked at me and said thank you. I asked for what and she said for everything like the room, dinner and the show I laughed and said your welcome. As we watched TV Britney snuggled up next to me laying her head on my chest and it was really nice to have her there. Britney asked me if I liked being a fireman and I said yes then she asked me how much I could lift in weights and I told her about 350lbs. Britney sat there in amazement then she asked me something that surprised me she asked me how big my dick was and I told her that my dick is 12 inches long and 3 inches in girth. Britney’s mouth drop open and said she had never seen on that big until she saw mine. I told her thanks then I told her that I had something to tell he then I said that I thought she was the sexiest /women/">women I had ever seen and that I was glad she moved in. Britney said thanks and gave me a hug and a little kiss and then we both went back to watching TV.

After about a hour I was getting really tired so I told her I was going to bed she said ok and I went to my room. I took a quick shower and got into bed I had been a sleep a couple of hours when I heard a knock on the bedroom door I yelled come in and Britney came in and she looked worried. I asked what was wrong and she told me that her bed broke so I got out of bed still half asleep and naked and checked her bed and sure enough it was broke the foot board was in two pieces. I told Britney that she could have my bed and I would take the couch but she said no that she had already taken my bed once and that she would sleep on the couch. I told her I had a better idea we both could just sleep in my bed and I promised her that I would be a good boy so she said ok. I got back in bed then she came in and got in bed and as soon as she got in she snuggled up to me pushing her tits against my back then she put her leg over mine and by now my dick was hard then to my shock she though her arm over me placing her hand on my dick. I didn’t sleep much at all so around 6am I got up and made breakfast after it was done I ate mine and took her breakfast to her in bed. When she opened her eyes I said good morning and placed the tray on her lap.

Britney looked at the tray which had her breakfast and a rose on it then she looked at me and said thank you and started to eat. I went to my office and got on my computer and started looking for her a new bed and I found one just like hers so I order it and found out they could deliver it that day. I went back in my room to see if she was done with breakfast but she wasn’t so I sat down beside her. I told her that I looked at her bed and that it could not be fixed and she started to cry I asked what was wrong and she told me she didn’t have the extra money to replace it. I told her not to worry about it that I had already order her a new bed and that it would be here later today. Britney just looked at me with tears running down her face and asked me why I would do so much for her. I wiped the tears away and told her that she was a very special lady and my roommate and that when and if she needs help I would be there for her. Britney thanked me with a hug and kiss then I took her tray and clean the dishes up.

As the day went on we just sat around talking we both were naked then we remember the bed was coming today so we got up and put some clothes on and waited for the bed. It wasn’t long before the bed had arrived and the delivery guys set the bed up for her and took the old one away. When the delivery guys left we got undressed and went in her room to make her bed. As we made her bed I kept looking at Britney then finally she asked what was I looking at and I told her that I was just thinking about her. Britney stopped making the bed and looked at me then I told her that she is the the wwwxxx sweetest and sexiest woman I had ever known and that I was falling in love with her. Britney crossed the bed and came over to me and kissed me as we kissed our tongues explored each others mouth. I started kissing her neck when I heard Britney say in a soft voice ’ I love you ’ I stopped kissing her neck and told her that ’ I loved her too ’. Britney kissed my neck then my chest then she went down and started sucking and licking on my dick.

First she started soft and slow then as she got use to the size she went faster and harder as I got ready to cum I told her but that just made her go faster and harder then I felt my balls tighten up and I shot my load down her throat. I picked Britney up and laided her on the bed and I started kissing her tits making sure to lick and suck both nipples. Britney started to moan as I worked my way down her body to her clit as I started to lick her clit she started moaning louder then after a few minutes she came. Then I started sucking and licking her clit then I stuck my tongue in her pussy and she arched her back and went wild she begin to beg me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her and pushed my dick in her pussy and we started fucking hard and fast.

We had sex in every position there is and she came time and time again but so did I finally we fell beside each other and kissed. Well we now share a room and we got our money back on her bed then we used that money for the baby’s room. We have a great relationship and we love each other more then life it’s self. ’LIFE IS GREAT!!’