My Girlfriends Mom

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Girlfriends Mom

I have been dating my /girlfriend/">girlfriend for 5 months now, she is a really /cool/cool-girl/">cool girl and I like her alot, but recently I have been paying alot more attention to her mother. She is 37, long hair and slim. I had never really took any notice of ever before until last week when I was staying over and I seen her in her nightgown. She came out of the bathroom wearing it, it went as low as the middle of old waman xxxgx her thigh and opened up at the top showing off her cleavage. Since I seen her she has been in my head ever since, in fact I have been spedning alot more time at my girlfriends just so I can admire her mother.

There hosue is huge, a pool in the back 6 bedrooms and a built in /gym/">gym, so I used to go round on the odd occasion to work out a bit. It was at the weekend when I decided to go round for a workout, I got there and my girlfriend her sister and her mother where all home, she let me in the house and I went staright into the gym, I was working mostly on my cardio-vascular. I was about 30mins into my training when my girlfriend came in and said she had to go out with her sister and would not be back for another 2 or 3 hours, so she would see me another time, she explained that her /mom/">mom was downstairs if I needed anything. I went downstairs straight after my girl left so I could fill up my water bottle, when I got into the kitchen her mother was there sitting down in her short nightgown, she looked at me and said "oh hi, sorry I look a mess dont mind me just go and get some water, im just relaxing today, I am going to get a shower soon" I looked at her like my jaw was hitting the floor, he slowely walked over to the tap and got some water and then went back upsatirs.

after 5mins on the tredmill, I heard the door open and she was standing there watching me, I looked at her and said "is there something wrong" "no she replied, I just want to see what you do when you train, I then stopped and said oh, well I can teach you a few things if you like, she agreed happily. I said okay, I explained a few things to her and told her to start off on the tredmill, she walked over and slowely stepped onto the running belt as I just stared at her ass and legs, she asked me how to start it, I leaned over her shoulder and could smell her perfume and feel her breath on my skin, I looked over at her, our faces where 2 inches away from each other, I looked into her eyes and was ready to go forward and kiss her when she said "something wrong" I pulled my head back and said " errr, no, no, not at all" I took a deep breath and sat down, she then said "you seem tired, I tell you what, I was going to show my daughters today but there not here, I am gong to a /party/">party tonight and I bought a new outfit, would you like to see it and tel me what you think, I smiled and said of course yeah.

She came back 2 minutes later with this black overcoat on going down to her ankles, it didnt seem that nice until she said "oh by they way, this is just a coat if its raining I have my outfit on underneath, I smiled and said okay, she then undone her buttons and dropped the coat to the floor revealing a tight black mini-skirt with a slit in both legs and black see-through top showing off her tiny little bra on her /tits/big-tits/">big tits and She had black lace up shoes. My jaw litirally dropped, as I was sitting down in my short a bulge began to appear, I could not belive it my dick was hardening, she looked down at me and said "are you okay, I haven't made you uncomfortable, I told her that I was fine and she looked fantastic". She then put a frown on her face and said "you say your okay but you have begin to harden your dick" she reached down and began to squeeze it thorugh my shorts, she squeezed it again tthen looked at me and said "do I make you nervous, I replied by saying, far from it!! she smiled and then looked into my eyes, I slowly leaned over and kissed her, her lips where so soft. She then stood my up and undune my ties in my shorts and dropd my short to the floor revealing the biggest hard-on ever, she looked down and said, your quite big, how big is that 8inchs? anyway it dont matter I just cant wait to have it in me. I looked in amazement what was happening. She then slowley took off my t-shirtr and kissed my chest until she fell to her knees and began to kiss my dick, after 2 or 3 kisses all I felt was her drag it into her mouth and begin to suck, I could not control myself, I looked down and saw my /girlfriend/girlfriends-mom/">girlfriends mom sucking ym dick, after 2 or 3 minutes she stood up and I began to undo her top from the back, it was laced up so I ended up ripping if off and then ripping off her bra, we both fell to the floor and I began to suck on her tits, she began to moan as I sucked, while I was sucking all I could was feel was my dick being tugged harder and harder, I kissed her all over her body, I to the skirt and began to feel my way up, when I noticed she had no /thong/">thong on, I was amazed I looked up and she just smiled, I then undone the zip and puled her skirt down and begin to lick around the clit, she was moaning and moaning. She then asked me stop and said to me "remember I told you I was going for a shower? well do you fancy one too? I stood up quickly and we made our way into the shower, the water was blasting out and I kissed her passionatly, she was moaning like mad, I then realized I did not have a condom, I told her but she just said I don't give a shit, just fuck me!!! I then forced my cock right into her, she screamed and I pushed it in and I began to fuck her up againt the wall over the shower, she was gripping on the top of the shower and her legs where wrapped around me, I had my hand underneath her ass and fucking her as fast as I could, all I could hear was "fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, harder" I then stepped out onto the floor and walked her into the bedroom with her legs around me, I placed her on the bed and she said not the bed its mine and my husbands, I looked and said, I don't care and began to kiss her, she then forgot where she was and just asked me to keep fucking her, after 15mins, she started giving me a suck one more time, she then turned to me and said, up the ass, I want it right now, she jumped over and asked me to do it, she was on all 4 paws and said c'mon put it inside me know, which I did, she screamed and screamed, this is fantastic she screamed, I was about to cum when she stopped and got a set of handcuffs from the draw, I looked shocked but she said "oh c'mon, little bit of fun, she hand cuffed me to the bed and sat on my cock boncing u and down, I then told her I was cumming, she told me to cum inside her then into her mouth which I did, she slowley liked my helmet making sure she had swollowed my love juice. She then asked for my to lick her out, she sat on my face and beagn to beg and beg for it, I ate her pussy as she moaned and maoned, screaming my name.

5mins later she unlocked me and said, we should never talk about what happened, I agreed and said I think its best if I leave, I collected my things walked over to her one more time and kissed her before having a squeeze of bokep sma pecah perawan the ass and said, "i look forward to next time, she then said, cant wait" see you soon.

I then left knowing that I would be going there more often from now on.