Swimming Pool

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Swimming Pool

I was forty at time and married working in swimming pool construction. I had a call to a pool in a posh house near London.

I arrived and pressed the bell at gates which opened and I drove up to front door. It was a very hot day and I only had smart shirt and trousers on. The front door opened and it was a young house keeper who took me through and I was introduced to the lady of the house who was about forty very fit and wearing a /bikini/hot-bikini/">hot bikini. She said sorry for her not being dressed, but she was around pool with friends.

She asked the maid to bring me a glass of water and led me to pool area where I was greeted by four other woman all in forties all in scanty bikinis and looking at me. I had come to look at the pool drain system which they thought was leaking. I went into plant room and carried out my survey. As I went out into the daylight I was aware all the woman had got into pool and all were topless. The owner said she hoped I was not embarrassed but they enjoyed swims without their tops. I could feel my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock straining and one lady said you look hot why not join us. She got out the pool removed her mini /thong/">thong and said come lets all be nude.

I was lost for words when she said what are you porn videos download waiting for and undid my shirt, she the pushed my trousers off and released my cock. she took my hand and guided it between her thighs to a /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy clit my finger pressed inside onto her g-spot and she moaned as she came over my hand with hot juices. I went into pool and was surrounded by six woman realizing that the maid had joined them and she was only mid twenties. the lady owner bent over and said come into me I want you.

I the went around in turns fucking all six until they came and managed to cum five times myself. I was xxx totally fucked when the young maid laid me on a towel and said she would do the work sliding over my cock and slowly working me off final shoot of my cum into her fanny.

I went inside to dress and decide how i could inform my /wife/mature-wife/">mature wife I was not fit for fucking that night.

I visited the house four times in following week and twice the owner was there for a fuck session and other times the maid took care of me with her youthful way.

I found out the house was used for swinging parties to which I took my wife that is another story.