Blind Ambition

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Blind Ambition

At 21 years old, Janet was a pretty average looking girl when she started out as a trainee executive in one of the large blue chip company in New York. Five years later, Janet has transformed to be quite a /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady. She has put herself on a strict regimented diet, exercise regularly after work. She is now described as 5 feet 7 inches, flawless tan skin, long blonde flowing hair, her legs that are so slender and seems to go forever, her pussy is always fully shaved and juicy, and any man would instinctively lick it

She is also very intelligent and worked very hard to earn her keeps. However, for the past five years she was constantly overlooked for promotions. All the top jobs went to her other colleague and she knew she was much better than a few of them. The final straw that broke the camel?s back was when Jim got the promotion over her. He started later than her but has more social interaction with the senior executives. They constantly go out for drinks after office hours.

She was frustrated?she stormed into her boss office. ?How did Jim managed to get the promotion and I did not, after all, I worked harder, much capable than him? she blurted out. Her boss, William, managed to get Janet to calm down and sat her in one of the office chair next to his desk. He slowly went around and sat in his own chair. Janet was still fuming, but has calmed down slightly.

William broke the silence and said, ?Janet, getting a promotion is not as easy as you think. You do not only have to work hard but has to do more networking, getting to xxx sex video download free com know us, the senior executives. After all, we prefer to work with people that we know both professionally and socially?, Jim has done that, he has put a lot of his own time trying to get to know the senior people, and now he has been rewarded.

?But?.I worked very hard for this company, winning two new accounts last month? , she protested. ?Yes, we know?and we will reward you when you are up for a salary review next month. However, you will need to do much more to get the promotions you wanted?, William replied.

?You are an intelligent and beautiful girl, you have more going for yourself than any of your male colleagues?, William hinted. ?What do you mean, William?, she asked? ?Well, you can use your charm and personality to improve your chances in promotion?, William said slyly.

?You mean????, Janet couldn?t find the right words but she knew what William was trying to say. She can actually use her body to get to where she wants to go in the company pretty fast.

?You are an intelligent girl, you know what you should do?, William said without stating the obvious.

William is about fifty-five, bald and on the /fat/">fat side. But?he wields a lot of influence with the other senior executives in the company.

Janet knew that if William was on her side, she would definitely have a better chance in getting the promotions that she wanted. There are other five top executives that have similar influence. All of them are about William?s age, mostly balding. It would be much easier for her, if the executives were young and good looking.

Janet went home. It was a long weekend and she had opportunity to do a lot of thinking.

She can resign from the company, but her seniority and effort would be wasted. She has to prove herself all over again in a new company. She finally said to herself, ?I will get the promotion even if I had to use my body to get it? She has not had sex or touch herself for a couple of weeks now due to her hectic work commitment. It makes her quite excited thinking of it?. she starts to finger herself. She could feel her pussy starting to get wet, two fingers, then three, then five, then her fist in and out rapidly.

Her first mission was to get William into the palm of her hand, figuratively speaking. She decided to wear a low cut tight blouse and a sexxxx video ful hd matching loose short skirt. She originally wanted to wear her /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie bra and g-string underneath, but decided not to. This is the /first-time/">first time she has gone out without her bra and undies. She also makes sure she shaves her pussy carefully, so that it looks smooth and enhances its puffy succulent appearance.

Her breasts were moving up and down as she walks into the office. Every hot-blooded male was staring at her.

William greeted her on his way into his office. Before that, she saw William coming, and intentionally unbuttons the top two buttons on her blouse, exposing her nipples. Her breasts were supple and pert; aureoles were large and pink surrounding the protruding nipples.

She knew William saw them because he gave her a few more quick glance and nearly knocked into his secretary desk.

The trap is set and she will make her move when his secretary is away for lunch.

Come lunchtime, she was getting more and more anxious and to some extent excited. Even if William is an old, bald guy?nevertheless it is still a fuck. She might as well enjoy it.

She knocked on his door and he asked her to enter. She closed the door behind her and walked slowly towards his desk with the right body language saying I want to fuck you. She sat down, crossed her legs slowly, and teasingly exposing her shaved pussy to him.

She broke the silence, ?William, I have been thinking?and you are right, I am intelligent, hard working, and ambitious?that is not enough?. ?I want to get to the top quickly, can you help me, William. I will do anything that you want?, she said in a suggestive tone.

She can see William was getting excited, his eyes were wide open, and he starts to dab the sweat from his bald forehead. She thinks it is kinda sexy now, his bald forehead.

William composed himself and stuttered, ?Good on you Janet, I see you got my message, you can go far with your good looks and your intelligence?.

Janet slowly lifted her right leg and rested on his table. She was wearing four-inch open toe high heels making her legs look so inviting. Now her pussy was exposed and she started rubbing her puffy /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy in front of William. William was enjoying every minute of it?starting to dab his forehead with his right hand?his left hand was underneath the table stroking his cock.

Janet inserted three fingers into her pussy and making the groaning noise. William quickly pressed the intercom and the secretary was back from lunch. With a broken voice, William told the secretary that he doesn?t want to be disturbed, as he has to go through an important account with Janet.

While he was speaking to his secretary, Janet took William?s Mont Blanc pen from the table and started inserting into the pussy like a dildo. In and out?. in and out. By now, William was so excited, he stood up and took his pants and underwear off at one go. His ten and a half inch cock stood at an attention. Janet was surprised, so huge. She did not expect that?it makes her more excited and her wetness in her pussy proved that.

William stroked his /cock/big-cock/">big cock looking at Janet shaved and /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing her erected nipples. William grabbed Janet feet with her shoe on, and start rubbing them against his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. It didn?t take long for him to make a groaning noise and had a massive orgasm, spurting sperm on Janet left foot and shoe . William then asked Janet to licked off the come from her sexy high heeled shoe, and she did?He got another /erection/">erection and slide his still erected cock into Janet?s mouth. She could smell his come and kept sucking his /fat/big-fat/big-fat-cock/">big fat cock.

He lifted Janet in his arm and took her to the sofa. Position his cock right at the entrance of her pussy and shoved his entire 10 and a half-inch cock into her pussy. All you can see is the two droopy balls. Like the piston in an accelerating fast car, it quickly gain past, slamming all he got into her. She came in the process. She never imagined she can have an orgasm with a bald, fat man?but she did. He also came after a few minutes and hammering away like a wild animal.

It was not over, he turn her around and plunge his still erected cock into her anus. It was painful initially, but the feeling turn into three orgasms for Janet. The entire love shaft was in her anus. She had to close her mouth with her hand so as she did not make too much noise, fearing the secretary might hear it and rush in.

William?s cock starts to spasm in her anus and she could feel a load of hot come filling it. He slowly pulled his cock out and rested on top of her. His come oozing from both her orifices down her thigh. Janet never thought that William being an old man was one real stud.

They dressed up and kissed each other. Janet finally spoke, ?I have done my part and with my greatest pleasure, and I hope you will do your part?

William said, I don?t think so my dear. One social meet does not constitute a promotion. We have to do more. I will tell you when it is enough. Janet did not protest as she kinda like what had happened. After all, she had multiple orgasms from their first social meet, so to speak.

A few days later, William left her a message on her voice mail when she was not around??meet me in the Board room at 9:00pm tomorrow night?to determine your career advancement?. Janet knew what William was after, her pussy again.

She went home, again anxious and extremely excited. She couldn?t wait till the next day, so she masturbated herself that night thinking of what William will do to her in the power room, the Board room. It would certainly be exciting and at 9:00am nobody will be around and she can make as much noise as possible.

The next morning, she chose her sexy dress, shelf bra that does not cover her nipples, crotchless g-string, stockings, girdles and lay it on her bed. ?Oh yes, I need to take my pill or I will be in real trouble?, she told herself. She left her pill to be taken later on the kitchen table. She went into the bathroom, shaved her pussy real clean, rubbed oil lotions on her whole body and got dressed. She looked stunning. ?William is one lucky old bald man and he better give me a promotion soon?, she said to herself.

She was so caught up making herself look sexy, she forgotten the time, ?Oh dear, I will be late for work??she grabbed her briefcase and rushed out of her apartment forgetting to take her pill.

She worked through the morning and afternoon as usual. William was also busy doing his work in his office. She was virtually alone in the office at 8:45pm. ? I haven?t seen William, maybe he is in the Boardroom, I better go and freshen myself up?, she wondered. She went into the toilet, cleaning her pussy with wet tissues and putting on her makeup and perfume to smell nice. In her excitement, she has totally forgotten to take her pill.

She adjusted her g-string, stockings, shelf bra and girdle. She gave her nipples a few good squeezes to make them erected. She decided to walk in with her lingerie and nothing else to /surprise/">surprise William and to make her chances of getting her promotion better.

She has become one horny corporate animal, she said to herself. It was now 9:00pm; she walked towards the Boardroom, anticipating William to be in there naked waiting to fuck her.

She opened the door, it was dark and couldn?t see anything. ?William is not here yet?, she mumbled to herself. She went in and feeling the wall trying to find the light switches.

She switched on the light, glaring her eyes. Her eyes took a few seconds before they got adjusted to the bright lights. William was actually in the room, all naked sitting in one of the power executive chair probably playing with himself. Five other senior executives were also there, all fat, bald and very naked.

It was a real surprise and she tried to cover herself with her hands but without much success.

William laughed and spoke, ?Janet, you know the other senior executives?well we are here to interview you for a new position. It will have more responsibility, an office and an fifty thousand more per annum. Of course, you will have to pass this interview with flying colours.

He walked towards Janet, now leaning on the wall next to the Boardroom door. He started caressing her. The other executives got up, all naked with huge erections and started caressing her all over. They were kissing her all over. Slowly piece-by-piece, her lingerie fell to the floor, leaving her only in stocking and high heel shoes. Without any more words said, they guide her to the Board Room table and got her to lie down spreading her legs, exposing her now wet and puffy pussy. One by one, they took their turn sitting on the Chairman chair, licking her pussy.

It didn?t take long for her to be really aroused. All she could see from her position on the table is their baldhead between her legs. That turns her on even more, men of power licking her pussy. She had two orgasms. Then the fucking began. They took turns hammering both her orifices, her pussy then her anus. She lost count of the number of orgasm she had. They eachcame in her at least twice, some three times. William came four times in her. The so-called interview lasted five hours, and left no one in doubt that she passed with flying colours.

She got her office and everyone other than the senior executives were surprise that she got the position. Fortunately she did not get /pregnant/">pregnant, or else she would not have known who was the father. Nothing was mentioned after that night?